Minimal costs!

The system is tailored to the requirements of dentists and laboratories. There are no setup fees. Annual fees are very low and cover the costs of technical maintenance and basic support. Prices do not include VAT.
The planning software itself is free of charge. There are two kinds of fees for use: The annual membership fee, which covers unlimited planning, server use and all software updates; the fees, which are charged for exporting data, required for making the actual template. The annual membership fee is charged after registration. It covers all software updates, parsing and visual presentation of DICOM data as well as the entire implant planning. Fees for use are charged only for the export of the planning data, e.g., for purposes of manufacturing a drilling template. These fees are charged only once per a planning case, regardless of how many versions are generated. 50% of the annual fee may be used to cover these data exports for one year.
Planning software
Free of charge
Year of membership1
from 400,-EUR / year to 800,-EUR / year 1(depends on your country of origin)
Diagnosis and planning
Server costs (storage up to 4 GB) and sharing
Software - Updates
Export to create template
50-150 € per case planning
(The first export costs 150, each additional € 1 less to a base amount 50 €)
Costs for service, training courses, model scans, production of drilling templates or similar services
Please direct your inquiries related to any individual services and prices to Service Providers. If you do not find an appropriate service provider, we can also provide the service for you.